APPRIS/MANE matches for Gencode Release 19

These genes are from GENCODE v19; the Gencode version for Ensembl 75 of the build GRCh37.

The table below shows the transcripts annotated by APPRIS as principal isoforms that match those annotated by MANE.
These data can be downloaded here in TSV format.

This list only takes into account the coding sequence of each transcript. The UTRs are ignored. For that reason many genes will have multiple transcripts/isoforms where APPRIS principal and MANE Select agree on the reference.

The list covers 16,321 of the genes that are annotated today in the Gencode Project. The last column shows the current HGNC name of the gene. It may be different from the Gencode v19 gene name. This is usually because the HGNC have changed the name since Gencode v19 was released. But it is also possible that the model of the gene has been changed (for example, joining two genes into one).